Quake draws out ’89 World Series memories


Bay Area sports fans, tell me this isn’t bizarre.

There was an earthquake this morning at 7:01 a.m.. I know I know, earthquakes in San Fran aren’t unheard of. What makes it so crazy is that it came the morning after both Bay Area baseball teams forced Game 5’s in their respective LDS match-ups.

Déjà vu, anyone?

Whether you’re an Giants or A’s fan, all of us who lived around here in 1989 have something in common: We each have a story about where we were during the World Series when the 7.1 Loma Prieta quake hit.

Me? I was three years old, hugged against my mom’s leg in the doorway of our San Ramon home. And very confused that, once the shaking stopped, the baseball game on the TV screen had been replaced with broadcast bars.

With both teams back in the playoffs this year, sports fans on both sides of The Bay — standing in line at the bank, grocery shopping, wherever they may be — have started retelling their tales from October 17th, 1989.

So how is it that, with both teams back in the playoffs and battling hard for a shot at a championship that there was yet another quake six miles off of the San Francisco coast this morning!?

Granted, this morning’s shaker reached a mere 2.4 on the Richter scale.

But media geeks and sports fanatics can’t be the only ones thinking this mini-quake on the big Game 5 day doesn’t echo the ’89 Bay Bridge World Series.

From this little fan’s perspective, I would prefer that it didn’t echo the same outcome. Just saying.

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