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Smoked salmon, peanut butter and salmonella sandwich

Salmonella has been suspected of infecting a bunch of really yummy things recently. Together, though, probably isn’t the best way to serve them.

After last week’s peanut butter scare, scrutiny has shifted to imported smoked salmon sold here in the States by immensely popular warehouser Costco.

Costco pulled smoked salmon from its shelves Tuesday sold under its house brand, Kirkland, and also under the name of the Dutch producer, Foppen.

The Centers for Disease Control point to 85 recorded cases of the Salmonella Thompson bacteria in the United States since July 1 as establishing a possible link to a larger outbreak reported in the Netherlands.

Dutch health officials said at least 200 people have been sickened in the Netherlands, and a phone survey indicates hundreds more may also be experiencing symptoms of salmonella infection.

A Foppen representative told The AP all of their smoked salmon production has been shut down pending an investigation. He added, though, that the cause of this outbreak has been traced to a single production line in a Greek factory.

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