Roxie ready for beer and a movie


Remember before you reached legal drinking age, when it was cool to get an adult to buy your crew a couple forties to sneak into a late movie?

Thanks to the Roxie Theater, you could possibly be re-living those days — with a better-quality beer in your hand and without the bad skin and high-school fashion mishaps.

The single-screen Mission theater at 16th and Valencia has been trying to stay alive in a city where small cult establishments are being squeezed aside by corporate monsters. Getting support from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors could be the push it needs.

MissionLocal reports the supes unanimously passed a recommendation Tuesday that the Roxie be granted a beer license by the state.

Supervisor Jane Kim said at Tuesday’s Board meeting:

“As you know, small single theaters struggle to stay open and this is one option that would help them remain in the community.”

Built in 1913, the Roxie was granted exemptions last fall from the Mission district moratorium on liquor licenses. While the original idea was to allow patrons to drink in the theater lobby, the plan now includes movie-goers being able to drink during feature films.

The California Alcoholic Beverage Control has the last say in whether or not the Roxie gets the go-ahead. As MissionLocal states, though, there’s no set date as to when they will make that decision.

And with the Roxie — as well as Mission Bowling Club — receiving exemptions from the strict neighborhood liquor moratorium, other area businesses are now also looking to shed the restriction.

A push to revamp the moratorium could keep that side-ache from hindering the Roxie’s beer privileges. Supervisor Scott Weiner told MissionLocal the Mission moratorium is a bad way to do policy:

“Supervisor [David] Campos and I are working closer together to come up with a broader reform so we don’t have to do one-off’s, and have a more vibrant Mission while keeping the spirit of the special use district alive.”

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