Bochy tips his cap to Alex Smith


Word up to Alex Smith: Coach Boch’ has your back.

Just a day after news broke that the 49ers quarterback had been fined $15,000 for rocking a San Francisco Giants cap during 49ers post-game interviews, the Giants skipper sported a red-and-gold Niner cap during a morning presser.

Bruce Bochy told SFBay and other reporters in the dugout Thursday:

“We’re having fun with this.”

And if you can have any type of “fun” with a fine 15-times what Brian Wilson had to pay for wearing bright orange cleats, then why not?

“It’s our way of supporting him for supporting us. We’re all 49er fans here. This is in honor of Alex.”

It’s no big secret that the two SF teams are supportive of each others’ successes. The Giants issued various social media statements in support of the Niners during their 2011 post-season run.

Smith himself is frequently at Giants games, always caught by the cameras sporting a big grin and an orange-and-black cap. Bochy continued:

“I’ve seen him out here, and I was aware he was wearing the Giants hat. That’s pretty neat. That’s why I’m wearing this. We appreciate their support.”

You can’t deny it: If there’s one thing that San Francisco sports definitely has — you know, besides two very competitive sports teams — it is awesome coaches.

Speaking of coaches, has Bochy ever met Jim Harbaugh?

“I’m a big 49er fan. Since I’ve been here, I’ve always followed them. What a great club they are.”

Big Daddy Boch and Senor Harbaugh in the same place at the same time!? Be still my Bay-Area-sports-loving heart.

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