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This Week In Orange: The forward march

A very bewitching Friday The 13th to you Giants Nation!

Here we are: Just passed the halfway mark of the 2012 season.

And under a very spooky fog-riddled sky — because I live in the only spot in the country NOT in the midst of a heatwave — our boys in Orange & Black will reconvene to take on the Houston Astros. You know, that team that Madison Bumgarner hit his first HR off and Matt Cain pitched the perfect game against.

It’s time to look at what our team needs to do in the push towards October. So pull up that stool, pour yourself an apricot ale, and let’s get down to business.

Extra points if you can name the band corresponding with the song titles in bold:

“Don’t look back:” Yes, the Giants (46-40) took a bit of a dip right before the All-Star break.

And yes, we got a little bit of redemption at the All-Star Game in Kansas City when our four representing players dominated. (I’m sorry, R.A. who? Let’s face it; if that had been a regular season game, La Russa would’ve kept Matt Cain in for the whole game, because the Horse was in the zone and poised for a shutout.)

But now we need to focus on the series we have ahead in order to pump up our offense if we’re going to push that half of a game passed those Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Take the long way home:” After this home stand against the Astros (33-53) the G’s hit the road against two teams that I really can’t stand: The Braves (46-39) and the Phillies (37-50).

I don’t care if the Phillies are garbage this year. If The Horse, The Z-man, and Vogie don’t massacre their offense, I might throw a chair out the window.

And if we could take both of those three-game series, that would make me the happiest little tutu-wearing gamer babe on the planet.

“Don’t bring me down:” I know I said we can’t be dwelling on the first half of the season, but there should be some attention paid to our Giants’ need to drive in more runs. They had the second-worst average in the league batting .225 with runners in scoring position.

Acceptable? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck no.

“Wish you were here:” That would be a shout-out to the Tim Lincecum of old, who we saw for one brief game before he got lit up in his last two starts.

I never give up on my team, and I will not give up on the Freak. What’s important now — as it has been all season long — is him getting confident down the stretch. Nothing else is going to get us past September baseball.

And again, I will personally bring Tacolicious to the dugout if that’ll get you a win.

“Man on the silver mountain:” Looking at tonight’s fete, Big Country Bumgarner will be facing an Astros team who have yet make a dent in his ERA. The team as a whole is 6-30 against the southpaw in 2012 with a collective .200 batting average. There’s no better team for him to face coming out of the All-Star break.

Let’s hope this fog clears up enough for that spectacular fireworks show they’re planning tonight at AT&T Park. Don’t forget to sport your orange.

Peace, Love and Late-Summer Baseball!

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