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BART riders pay a little, get a little

Riding BART will get a bit more expensive starting in July. BART fares will increase 1.4 percent starting July 1, with some of the extra revenue going toward increased service.

The bump adds just a few cents to most trips, with the shortest trips unchanged.

But if you have a long way to go, your fare will go up 15 cents.

Anticipated service improvements include a last train from San Francisco to Richmond one hour later than the current 7 p.m., and delivery on the long-awaited, late-night weekend transbay bus line.

The longest route in the system, Pittsburgh-Bay Point to San Francisco International Airport, will now be the most expensive as well, topping off at $11.05 one way.

The BART Transit District Board voted  8-1 to increase the fare Thursday, along with its operating budget, which is 8 percent larger than last year’s.

The board decided to continue with current practice, allowing BART fares to increase on their own every two years to account for inflation.

Muni riders and their wallets are also getting an unpleasant surprise as monthly passes for the transit system will also increase in July by $2.

Fast passes, which include access to all Muni lines as well as any BART line within San Francisco, will now be $74.

Standard Muni passes are now $64. Senior, youth and disabled passes will now be $22.

The increase will take effect the last week of June during the sales period for new monthly passes.

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