Immigrant students hit Obama with a sit-in


The political sit-in took a new turn Thursday as unauthorized immigrant students occupied the “Obama for America” campaign offices in downtown Oakland.

Members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance arrived at the campaign offices Thursday afternoon pretending to be campaign volunteers before plopping down on the ground, sporting graduation caps and refusing to leave.

The students are demanding the Obama administration change their policy on deporting students who were brought into the United States as minors.

This sit-in is part of a national movement to interrupt campaign action at Democratic offices and make a statement against the current administration.

Sit-ins have taken place down in Los Angeles, as well as cities in Colorado, Michigan and Ohio.

Taking a somewhat peaceful approach, the campaign hired a security firm to watch over the protestors overnight, instead of using force to throw them out.

The protestors in Oakland went so far as to put a sign up on the campaign office’s door stating:

“Closed due to deportations.”

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