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Bonds, Giants honor sailing victim Busch

Alexis Busch, the first ever batgirl in Major League Baseball, was given a proper send this week off by...

Tense May Day for Occupy Oakland, police

Occupy Oakland demonstrators rallied at City Hall Tuesday, with police and demonstrators clashing several times throughout the day.

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  1. “Stanek gave the teen unused tickets that otherwise would have been thrown away anyway.”

    Well, we don’t really know that. Though Jim Allison still won’t speak to the specifics of Stanek’s case, he’s stated clearly that unused, recovered tickets aren’t just thrown away; they’re meant to be collected and cycled back into BART’s general fund.

    The question I haven’t seen really answered yet is how Stanek got the tickets in the first place. If you accept for the sake of discussion that the tickets really are, functionally, cash, then a lot of the morality here hinges on the answer.