Bonds, Giants honor sailing victim Busch


The first person to greet Barry Bonds after he hit his 500th home run lost her life in a boating accident almost three weeks ago.

On Monday, the Giants, along with Bonds, said a proper goodbye to their former batgirl, Alexis Busch.

According to stories recounted by Bonds, Giants announcer Mike Krukow and team president and CEO Larry Baer, Busch was a part of their tight-knit family during 2000 and 2001 when she served as the Giants batgirl. In fact, Busch was MLB’s first batgirl. Bonds has happy memories of her.

“We only had her for a short time, but we had her for a good time.”

Erik Berkowitz, a drama professor at Redwood High School, noted that the first time he met Busch, she was covered in Giants gear.

“I remember thinking, ‘Who is this girl who’s so committed to the Giants? And she is so bold and kooky and funny.'”

Baer mentioned that Busch was a Giant her entire life, and her brother Chris tried to express how he thought his sister would have felt seeing that the Giants had taken the time to honor her.

“Alex would unquestionably be blushing at the outpouring of love and attention for her.”

No one can ever accuse the Giants of not caring. Even though Busch hadn’t worked for the team for more than 10 years, the Giants made the effort to honor her with class. And the fact that a player like Bonds, who just had back surgery wanted to be there and speak about her, goes to show what kind of impact she made.

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