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Warriors bounce Riley as GM

The floundering Warriors have thankfully decided to shake up their front office.

Larry Riley, the general manager of the Warriors since 2009, has been reassigned to director of scouting. Assistant GM Bob Myers has been announced as his replacement.

The 37-year-old Myers completes his quick ascent to the GM post after just one year as Riley’s assistant and Vice President of Basketball Operations. Prior to joining the Warriors, Myers was a player representative at Wasserman Media Group, representing players like Tyreke Evans, Brandon Roy and Kendrick Perkins.

Yes, the Warriors’ new GM has one single year of front office experience.

The Warriors talked up Myers’ on-the-job experience in a statement announcing the move:

“During the last year with Golden State, Myers has worked closely under the tutelage of Riley on all Basketball Operations matters, including contract negotiations, talent evaluations, roster management, scouting and CBA compliance.”

The statement went on to say that Myers will report directly to owner Joe Lacob:

“As we acknowledged a year ago, we think his potential as a young executive in the business is outstanding and that intuition was certainly confirmed during his first year with the organization.”

It’s a bold and risky move by the Warriors. Myers may be capable, but he’s inexperienced. His previous relationship with players may help the Warriors, though, and he may be able to bring things to the negotiating table that are appealing to prospective free agents.

Myers has his work cut out for him this offseason. He may or may not have a first round pick and he may not have much salary cap room to go after free agents. He’s also got to figure out if he can move Andris Biedrins and his dead-weight contract.

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