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Bay Area loses in Guardian sale

The new Bay Guardian owners are about as San Francisco as a ten-gallon hat stuffed with deep-dish pizza.

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  1. If they’d make the time in prison or jail less pleasant;
    if they’d give the maximum amount of allowable imprisonment;
    if they didn’t allow plea bargains;
    if they ran the prisons by state officials and employees instead of contracting it out;
    then MAYBE there would be less criminals and maybe we wouldn’t have such a need for prison cells and wasted tax dollars.
    ** Is it really justice when they live better than most of the Americans that actually work and try to do well?

    • cathybet:

      Where do you get the info that time in prison is pleasant?

      How much time do you spend in the prison system? Or is this based on your internet/tv research?

      Do away with plea bargains? So everyone goes to trial instead? Or do you just imagine shipping people to prison as soon as they are arrested?

      Do you really trust the gov’t that much?

      I work in the criminal justice system and have spent a fair amount of time traveling to prisons and I can tell you these places are as far from pleasant as one can imagine.

      Great article btw, Matthew.