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City’s iconic parks trashed on Earth Day

The day before Earth Day was a beautiful one in San Francisco. On Saturday, the sun was shining, residents piled into the parks in shorts for picnics, frisbee and to show everyone how cool they were by drinking PBR in public.

Of course, being environmentally-conscious San Franciscans, Sunday’s earth-saving quasi-holiday inspired everyone to be considerate and pick up their trash.

Good luck with that.

In reality, Mission Dolores Park and Marina Green literally looked like garbage Sunday morning.

Maybe the hipsters did it for the irony?

According to “Alex,” who sent  a photo of  garbage-laden Marina Green to Uptown Almanac, he and the weekend tourists were disgusted by the scene.

“Went biking today across the Golden Gate Bridge. Saw loads of people enjoying the great weather and drinking on Marina Green. Came back, and this is what Marina scum does to our city! Tourists were disgusted. I told them it’s just one neighborhood.”

Mission Local depicts Mission Dolores in a similar, dingy light, with bags and cheap beer cans clinging to the rolling greens. And this was after Park & Rec staff got it all into manageable piles.

Some residents of the respective areas are using this to try to convince Ed Lee to police the general area to keep the parks clear of litterers and hipsters. (OK, maybe not hipsters. One can only dream.)

Unfortunately, the police can’t punish you for being a disrespectful jerk who will probably continue to litter elsewhere in spite of receiving a ticket.

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