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GoPro is moving up and inland

This month, mountable sports camera maker GoPro welcomed their 200th employee. With more workers comes a need for more space.

So, this summer GoPro will be moving up, literally. They will close their current coastside offices in Half Moon Bay and head northeast over Highway 92 to San Mateo.

GoPro officials said they need bigger digs to accommodate their growing workforce, which has more than doubled in the last year. The company is famous for their small wearable waterproof camera that has become de rigeur among outdoor daredevils.

The company has seen a continuous surge of growth since they began attracting outside investors last year. As they grew, they expanded to three separate offices in Half Moon Bay and El Granada. Realizing this was far from ideal, company officials decided to look for offices elsewhere.

GoPro’s success is bittersweet for coastside business leaders, who are sorry to see the spunky company leave. Charise McHugh, president of the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau told the Half Moon Bay Review:

“It was exactly the kind of company we wanted to see here, and since they did well, we’ll lose them. That’s part of the problem: we lose a lot of business because we can’t consolidate them.”

This summer GoPro will introduce its highly-anticipated WiFi BacPac they showed off at CES earlier this year. The BacPac is a small module that will attach to the back of any GoPro camera allowing you to remotely control the camera via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The BacPac also lets users connect multiple cameras on one remote and use a smartphone or tablet to act as a viewfinder.

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