SF hot and bothered by Hustler truck


Watch out San Francisco residents, the red light district may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Many Friday and Saturday nights you can find Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club truck cruising around popular nightlife hotspots like the Marina and North Beach. The truck has a glass enclosure that features girls dancing on stripper poles while it roves around The City.

When not in operation, the truck has been parking in the Outer Richmond. That got neighbors’ thongs all in a bunch, and they raised a stink.

Supervisor Eric Mar says residents are furious that the truck covered in nearly-nude photos has been parking in their neighborhood. He told CBS:

“[The truck is] right by the Anza Branch Library and half a block from an elementary school. If you look inside there’s a pole so some women can dance around it, as this thing drives around the street.”

After Mar had the truck towed at 37th and Balboa for expired tags last month, it popped up at a new location at 42nd and Geary.

The club is hoping to get extra attention and business from their strip-club-on-wheels, but they sure aren’t looking for this kind of attention from City Hall.

A current SF law prohibits commercial vehicles from parking on city streets to prevent advertising from invading even more of our personal space. Mar, though, is pushing for further legislation to get the titillating show off the road permanently. Mar said:

“We don’t want this truck in our neighborhood. If I had to look at [the truck] out my window every single morning, I would be really frustrated.”

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