Wheel into roller skating history


Sometimes the devil really is in the details. Especially when trying to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Last year, San Francisco mega-skater David Miles and his crew organized an attempt at establishing a couple of roller skating records for the famous record keepers.

Despite everybody’s best efforts last year, records for “longest chain of roller skaters” and “world’s longest skating serpentine” couldn’t be validated. Strict guidelines — like holding on to a person instead of their backpack or clothing — weren’t followed to the letter, dooming the well-intentioned attempt.

This year, Miles and his group of skating wizards have all the details worked out. On Sunday at 11 a.m. at JFK Drive and 6th Avenue, anyone who wants to take part can show up, register and take part in the record attempt. Skates will be available for those whose intentions exceed their equipment.

Participants need to register and wear a numbered bib on their chest. All participants will be made well aware of the strict requirements for both records.

There’s a $15 registration fee that benefits the California Outdoor Rollersports Association and the Black Rock Roller Disco Burning Man theme camp who are organizing the event.

The CORA website has more information on the record, not to mention everything you’d ever want to know about roller skating — or inline skating — in the Bay Area.

For a bit there, classic quad-wheel roller skating appeared imperiled by the upstart inline skates. Thankfully, both modes and the enthusiasts who love them seem to have found a way to co-exist.

Jesse Garnier
Jesse Garnier is the editor and founder of SFBay. A Mission District native, he also teaches journalism as associate professor at San Francisco State University.

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