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NERT ready to save The City

NERT citywide training gallery: Preparing for what may happen.

You’re sitting down and about to wolf down that big-ass burrito. In the blink of an eye, something horrible — a natural or man-made disaster, a bad episode of When Animals Attack, or a combination of all bad things that should not happen — hits San Francisco? What would you do?

Well you best be prepared and get your superhero suit on because it’s about to get ugly.

More than 100 San Francisco firefighters and civilian volunteers with orange vests and yellow hard hats showed up at the culmination of Saturday’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) drill at the Everett Middle School parking lot in full emergency regalia.

SFFD firefighters and medics shared emergency tips with local volunteers at today’s one of two annual NERT drills. SFFD’s goal is to make everyone ready when it counts. They do this by offering 20 hours of comprehensive training over six sessions. At no cost.

Through NERT, locals can learn the basics of personal preparedness and prevention, including hands-on disaster skills. NERT prepares people to act as individuals in personal or family emergencies, and as members of a neighborhood response team in neighborhood or City-wide calamities.

Firefighter and NERT trainer Lt. Erica Arteseros told SFBay dedicated citizens can make enormous contributions to disaster readiness and public safety:

“I absolutely think we can always be more ready, but the people we work with, they come dedicated to additional training throughout the year. They speak with their neighbors and neighborhood watch groups. They go to neighborhood association meetings and they’re really making a difference in the lives of preparing other people that live and work here in San Francisco.”

Not a bad idea, so act decisively and with intent to go sign up today. DO IT!

Citywide NERT drill gallery

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