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Obese man calls for help and America answers

Last Thursday, Robert Gibbs sent out a plea on YouTube for someone, anyone to help him combat his weight issues. Within 24 hours, his video had 200,000 views and he received dozens of emails and responses.

The Livermore man, who estimates he weighs between 600 and 700 pounds, posted the video the day before his 23rd birthday. The only birthday present he wanted was help to lose the weight that he has been battling with since childhood.

In the three-minute video, while choking back tears, Gibbs explained he wanted to lose the weight for his young niece and newborn nephew:

“This is my last chance, my last hope, one of them. I really scared I’m not going to be able to watch my niece and nephew grow up.”

Truthfully, Gibbs could use all the help he can get. He estimates he has been home-bound for the last four years, has been hospitalized twice, and has sores covering his body. And on top of it all, he is plagued with further health issues including diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, and depression.

He currently lives at home with his mother and sister and her two children and asked:

“Please re-post this video, get it to go viral, get it to be one of the most watched videos ever, eventually someone will see it and then maybe I can get some help.”

Gibbs said he hoped to meet a doctor, personal trainer or nutritionist. The heart-wrenching message quickly became viral and eventually ended up in the hands of the “Dr. Phil” show. Stacey Luchs, spokeswoman for the “Dr. Phil” show said:

“We were contacted by the local (television) affiliate earlier this afternoon and immediately reached out to Robert in order to answer his call for help.”

His sister, Nichole Gibbs, wasn’t aware her brother made the video until reporters contacted them for interviews. She told the CoCo Times:

“It really touched me when I heard the video that he wants to lose the weight because of his nephew and niece. He wants to see them grow up and maybe have a family of his own. I’m happy he’s doing this and he’s getting a lot of feedback on it. It’s going to help him, and I’m glad for that.”

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