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Anti–abortion rally does what Occupy couldn’t

Well, this is awkward.

One day after a rain-soaked, day-long Occupy extravaganza failed to draw more than a couple thousand protesters, Walk for Life goes and gathers up 40,000 pro-life supporters that march and shut down Market Street.

Be it protest fatigue, bad timing or a just a temporary ceding of the soapbox, a pro-choice rally earlier at Justin Herman Plaza could muster only a couple of hundred backers, and had largely fizzled by the time the pro-lifers came marching down Market.

As organized marches go, the Walk for Life West Coast people have a huge head start on Occupy. This is their eighth year of bringing their viewpoint right into the heart of the liberal Bay Area, always timed around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Today is the 39th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision.

Other similar marches are taking place across the country this weekend, from Washington state to Washington, D.C.

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