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Hell yeah we’re trottin’ this out again

Across Niner Nation right now, care is being taken to wear the same clothes, drink the same beer, and follow the same routine as last week to help ensure a 49ers victory Sunday against the Giants in the NFC championship game.

When Glory Garage launched their “Not Better than Us” song last week before the Saints game, we featured Martin Reynolds and his crew on the SFBay front page.

The “thank you” e-mails from Alex Smith and the rest of the team must have ended up in our spam folder. We haven’t checked. All we can really say is, “results.”

So, we’re bound by honor to our native San Franciscan status to wear the same clothes ( a Jeff Garcia #5 jersey), drink the same beer (Foster’s), and follow the same routine (sleep in until the crack of noon) as last week. I’ll give it my best shot.

Until then: 49ers 31, Giants 10. Utter domination. Not as close as the score. No slap-grab handshake. Bring on the Pats.

UPDATE 11:40 a.m.: This just in from Mumbai:

Ali T.: Giants 27, 49ers 21

I’ve been betting against the 49ers all season, and all season, Alex Smith and the guys have been proving me wrong. Before the season, I told a friend I didn’t see the 49ers winning more than THREE games. Boy was I wrong. I had no confidence in Smith. I had seen great college coaches fail in the NFL, so there’s no way anyone could have convinced me Jim Harbaugh was going to come in and turn this thing around in such resounding fashion so quickly.

So why change things up at this point? If I pick the Niners and they lose, I’ll have SFBay Nation and  the 49er Faithful occupying my front yard. While I am picking the Giants to win, this lifelong 49ers fan will be rooting on the Red and Gold from 9,000 miles away in Mumbai.

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