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The heir behind the hair

The Hansel-and-Gretel.

That’s what I’ve dubbed Mark Davis’ excuse-of-a-coif. Because nobody outside of a little kid in a storybook should be allowed to sport a botched bowl cut with bangs shorter than Rooney Mara’s in “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Luckily, Davis gave an enticing enough performance in yesterday’s Raiders press conference that his misshapen mane wasn’t at the forefront of everyone’s attention.

Just mine.

In a press conference highlighted by the hiring of Reggie McKenzie — and preceded by the canning of Hue Jackson — Davis made it clear to the Alameda conference room who he will be as the new Raiders owner, and what he will and will not be taking responsibility for as the Raiders look to the upcoming season.

We learned that the younger Davis chooses to be “an observer.”  Following the death of his wickedly well-known father Al last October, the heir to the Silver & Black throne kept a low profile. He admitted in Tuesday press conference that he stood back and watched the “disappointing” 2011 season unfold before he started making the big decisions.

Too bad Davis didn’t observe a mirror during those months and realize he needed to fire his hair stylist.

We also learned that Davis isn’t looking to be the all-powerful juggernaut that his father was. He showed a great amount of trust in his new general manager. Davis and McKenzie shared the podium when discussing the new directions for the team. But, instead of running the whole meeting like his late father would have, Davis sat back as McKenzie discussed the  efforts to bring the Raiders into “a new era.” An era in which they will win more games, and hopefully win a couple championships as well.

New era, new ‘do? Maybe we should let big Reggie press the subject, seeing as how Davis seems to have unwavering trust in the new GM.

In sharing the mic with McKenzie, we also learned that Davis isn’t going to take the fall for every bit of drama within the Raider house. Davis got downright offended when reporters directed questions about Hugh Jackson’s firing his way. And while McKenzie had no problem taking full responsibility for Jackson’s dismissal, Davis angrily swatted the subject away as if it were a disease-carrying mosquito.

Not willing to take responsibility? That’s debatable. We’ll have to see how he answers questions if and when other current members of the organization are let go.

All in all, Davis displayed his team-owning chops. He’s going to let McKenzie take the reins in forming a new team, and is on board to help create a winning football team.

Now if only he would get a winning haircut to match.

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