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ATM repairman steals $200k, gets time served

Could you imagine going to your bank’s ATM and withdrawing a few fresh photocopies of $20 bills?

Well, former ATM repairman Samuel Gregory Kioskli, 64, thought you wouldn’t notice. And he just got out of jail.

Kioskli used to repair Bank of America ATMs for Diebold (y’know the company that makes and maintains our state and federal election systems). He was sentenced to three years probation yesterday, for the mastermind crime spree he executed back in 2010: He swapped out $200,000 in cash for stacks of obviously-fake-photocopies at several ATMs he was servicing in San Francisco and Daly City.

Concerned customers notified bank employees when ATMs started dispensing the phonies – surveillance video and an assigned key card later fingered Kioskli as the culprit. By then, Kioskli had abandoned his wife and home and fled to Arizona.

Kioskli was finally arrested there last year when he was pulled over for a suspected traffic violation. He tried to pass a fake ID onto the officer, who eventually found his California driver’s license and the warrant out for his arrest.

Obviously Kioskli just isn’t very good at this sort of thing.

According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Kioskli was facing up to 16 months in prison for felony embezzlement and possession of counterfeit money, but Judge Lisa Novak gave him credit for the 489 days he’s already spent behind bars on Tuesday and signed off on his release.

We highly doubt he’ll be getting his job back.

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