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$80,000 seats at new 49ers stadium

We always knew that sitting at the 50-yard line for an NFL football game was pricey, but the 49ers are taking that to a whole new level.

The 49ers gave the Merc a first-hand look at the pricing for the premium seating in the new, yet-to-be-built Santa Clara stadium.

You better make sure you find every last penny between your couch cushions.

For coveted seats at the 50-yard line, you’ll have to put up a staggering $80,000 fee for the rights to the seats. Not $8,000. $80,000. Granted, that’s a one-time fee and you own the seats for life. In addition to that fee, of course, you’ll have to buy the season tickets each year. Each seat will cost you $3,750 per season.  Chump change if you’ve already handed over $80,000.

As if people that can afford the best seats in the stadium needed more perks, they will get free food, drinks and VIP parking passes.

If 80 large is too rich for your blood, seats from the 40 to 25-yard line will only set you back $30,000. Seats from the 25-yard line to the goal line are a rather inexpensive $20,000.

If those prices have you worried that you wont be able to attend a game at the new stadium, stop worrying right now. Those are the prices for just 9,000 club seats. That leaves 59,000 seats in the new stadium aren’t for sale yet and the prices will likely be fan-friendly.

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