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Baby bison dies after toy dog attack

One of seven new baby buffalo just added to the Golden Gate Park Bison Paddock has died after being attacked by, of all things, a toy dog.

Witnesses saw the small “toy breed” dog burrowing in the paddock Wednesday afternoon. Park police found a dog walker trying to coax the dog out of the area.

Bay City News reports the bison was injured running into a fence after being startled by the dog in the paddock.

Workers from the SF Zoo were called to examine the herd, and a cut and three broken ribs was found on one the smallest baby animals. The buffalo was then allowed to rejoin its pals, but was later found dead.

The dog walker who lost control of the mutt had five dogs — all without leashes — and was cited for leash violations as well as for disturbing the animals.

The dead bison was one of seven that had just joined the Paddock after years of decline in the existing herd.


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