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‘Superman’ soars onto Warriors’ radar

If you’ve watched the Warriors so far this season, you’ve definitely witnessed the same old dog and pony show.

Mark Jackson was brought in to change the culture of the team. He said he would make the Warriors a better defensive team, but through six games, they are giving up 97 points a game, 22nd in the league.

So if you’re having trouble getting players to buy into playing better defense, what do you?

Target the best defensive player in the NBA, of course.

League sources have told Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski that the Warriors have emerged as a potential landing spot for Dwight Howard. He’s the superstar the Warriors have been lacking, and pursuing, for a long time. In case you’ve forgotten, the Warriors haven’t had an All-Star since Latrell Sprewell in 1997. Remember Latrell?

Howard isn’t coming easy or cheap. And it may very well never even happen. But it’s interesting to consider.

Any deal for Howard would have to involve Monta Ellis or Steph Curry. Now, I love Monta, but he’s not a superstar that can carry a team. The Warriors have continued to surround Ellis with good role players, yet the results haven’t changed.

If the Magic will take Monta, the Warriors 2013 1st round pick (the 2012 pick is already tied up) and any player not named Curry, the Warriors need to swallow the bullet — and the wrath of heartbroken Monta fans —  and make the deal.

Warriors fans can not be happy with the results this team continues to put out. I know they love Monta, but this franchise is not going to lure superstar free agents to Oakland by taking them to Jack London Square. The only way to get a franchise-changing player is to draft him, or trade pieces for a disgruntled superstar that wants out of his current situation.

If the Warriors can get the Magic to the bargaining table, they better not let them get away.

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