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Lincecum, Giants stuck on contract

The Giants haven’t made any sizable moves this offseason to make the team better, and they don’t seem to be making much progress in an attempt to keep the current core of players in orange and black.

According to CBS Sports’s Jon Heyman, the two-time Cy Young winner and the Giants are at least a few years and millions of dollars apart.

The Giants have offered up to four years. Timmy wants to keep going with one- or two-year deals until he hits free agency after the 2013 season, or put his John Hancock on an eight-year deal.

They might as well not even be at the same table.

I don’t know how the Giants can think a two-year deal is a good idea, which just buys out the two remain years they have him under his control. The absolute worst scenario for the Giants is for Lincecum to reach the open market where teams like the Yankees and Red Sox can wine and dine him and throw stupid silly numbers at him.

Lincecum will turn 28 during the 2012 season. If the Giants lock him into an eight-year deal now, they’ve got him through age 35 (2019). If they wait two years, and Timmy still demands an eight-year deal as a 30-year-old, they’d be on the hook for him through the age of 37. Do they really want to pay a 37-year-old $20+ million?

In other words, just give him the money now! He’s worth it. He’s the face of the franchise. He sells tickets. And jerseys. And wigs.

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