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Bailey is latest A’s pitcher to pack bags

We knew it would happen eventually. We just didn’t know when or to whom.

Now we know.

Andrew Bailey is trading in the nearly empty Coliseum to the always sold out Fenway Park.

Many thought Bailey was the most likely A’s pitcher to be traded this offseason. Turns out he’s the the third A’s pitcher to be dealt this month.

The A’s receive three more prospects, adding to their massive haul this offseason. In this deal with Boston, the A’s get outfielder Josh Reddick, the only player coming to Oakland with any major league experience, and prospects Miles Head and Raul Alcantara.

Reddick has spent part of the last three seasons in the majors, playing in a career-high 87 games in 2011. He will probably start the season as one of the corner outfielders for the A’s.

Head is 20 years old and is listed as a first baseman, but most analysts see him as a third baseman, something the A’s have been looking for all offseason. Following a mid-season promotion to high A-ball, Head hit .254 with seven home runs and 29 RBI. He’s a couple years away from contributing.

Alcantara is 19 years old and still extremely raw, but Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein believes he makes the deal worth it for the A’s. He’s a number of years away from helping the A’s.

Outfielder Ryan Sweeney will be joining Bailey in Boston.

One report suggests that the A’s payroll will be a tiny $23 million, if they don’t add any free agents. $23 million? Albert Pujols could afford to pay the A’s major league roster with one year’s salary.

The A’s may be building a solid core for the new stadium they may or may not get, but for now, they wont have many players worth watching in Oakland in 2012.

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