Your super spiffy holiday sports guide


Okay. I don’t know what the holidays are like at your house. Here’s what they’re like at mine:

My brothers disappear into another room to play their new videogames, my mom prepares an insanely good meal, and my old man and I post in-front of the tube and watch sports. All. Day. Long.

And it’s going to be another glorious holiday weekend, sports fans. So much sports that our heads just might explode. Game after game after game smooshed into two delightful days. Thank the sports gods that ESPN has multiple stations to play all these crazy games!

So the big question is: What all is everyone going to watch!?!?

(And in response to my lovely college roommate: No, competitive gift wrapping is not a nationally-televised sport.)

Big topic as of late is the return of the NBA. Despite a nasty lockout that seemed to have no end, the heightened drama has definitely kept the sport in the headlines.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if the former-Mr-Kardashian is more hated than LeBron, or what Kobe is pissed off about at the current moment. However, watching Derrick Rose and the Bulls battle a drama-stricken Lakers team? Or watching CP3 and Blake Griffin trying to make good on their Hollywood flair against Golden State? Those games might be worth tuning in to Sunday the 25th.

Now we are still in the thick of football season. And as all you NCAA faithful know, it’s officially Bowl season.

Even though the most-anticipated games don’t start up until New Years—Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, etc. etc. etc.—you can still catch your fill of any Insert-Random-Company-Name-Here Bowls starting this week on ESPNU. And for your Christmas Eve viewing pleasure, watch Southern Miss and Nevada go head-to-head in the too-warm-for-winter Hawai’i Bowl.

But if you’re like me, Saturday is going to be your Sunday, and you are going to be tuned in to anything and everything NFL.

On Saturday night, you might choose to watch the Jets-Giants fiasco, where both New York teams duke it out for a playoff spot. Or watch the no-longer-totally-imperfect Colts play the determined-to-trample-the-competition Texans Thursday night. Or—my personal fave—the local lads fresh off their MNF victory taking on the Seahawks at 1 p.m.

And of course, we have the Packers-Bears game at Lambeau to close out the weekend on Christmas morning. One could be bold enough to say that there’s no way that the Packers will lose at home to a 7-7 Chicago team that can’t find a decent QB. But then again, Green Bay just had their so-far-so-perfect season snapped by the Chiefs. So who knows how that game will roll out.

Wishing you and yours peace, love, and sports-filled holiday weekend.

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