Gear up for the New Year


As our SFBay elves take a few hours of well-deserved time off, we’ll use this space to wish everyone around The Bay and the world a joyous and peaceful Merry Christmas.

And, while you’re sipping hot chocolate at grandma’s, or loafing around a cabin up in snowless Tahoe, take a few minutes to click over to our SFBay Gear store to help support your favorite homegrown media startup.

Everything you buy from the SFBay gear store, from shot glasses to messenger bags, helps SFBay lend our distinct voice to the Bay Area media landscape. SFBay doesn’t have a billionaire benefactor or gobs of out-of-town money to keep us going. We’re making our way in the world today, and it takes everything we’ve got. So take a break from all your worries, it sure would help a lot.

The few bucks we get from a Ringer T or doggie- T-shirt go directly toward bringing SFBay to life. So consider a bib for your baby, a track suit for your sweetie, or a nice set of SFBay pub glasses to drown your sorrows party the night away.

SFBay thanks you for your support, and promises lots of surprises for you in the New Year!


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