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Harrison out, Big Ben iffy for 49ers

Wait wait wait, hold the phone. No Big Ben or James Harrison?

Shut. The front. Door … Are you serious?!?

So serious it’s scary: There is a possibility that an injured Ben Roethlisberger—along with a newly-suspended Harrison—is going to be riding the bench next week versus the 49ers.

San Fran is already due for a redemption run after a gnarly loss to the Cardinals last Sunday. And then to find out that your up-and-coming opponent is missing key players from their offense and their defense?

No. Way. Sounds fantastic.

Big Ben might have returned to the game in last Thursday’s matchup against the Browns, but the high ankle sprain he sustained has left him rocking a walking boot. Sure, the Steelers QB played on the injured ankle last week and still pulled out a win. But if Big Ben wants to keep himself from further injury, he might have to sit it out versus a raging 49ers defense.

We already found out earlier this week that Harrison was going to be missing MNF because of the sleeper hit that he put on Colt McCoy last Thursday night. Had this been any other dirty hit, he might have only been slapped with a fine. But this is James Harrison, who has already been fined four times in three seasons for violent contact on the playing field. Plus he’s made it known that he doesn’t plan on cleaning up his act.

Alex Smith not at risk of a McCoy-style concussion? Niners defense facing off against backup quarterback Charlie Batch instead of Roethlisberger? 49ers fans have to like how that sounds.

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