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Warriors are in the Chris Paul sweepstakes

Yep, you read that headline correctly. The team that traditionally doesn’t compete for the top players appear to be a possible destination for All-Star point guard Chris Paul, who wants out of New Orleans.

But it wont come easy or cheap.

Paul wants to play with free agent Tyson Chandler, someone the Warriors are already wooing. If the Warriors can lock up Chandler, it could help persuade Paul to accept a trade to the Warriors.

But what would the Warriors have to give up to get four-time All-Star?

That’s where things get tricky. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Hornets would want a package built around point guard Stephen Curry and first round pick Klay Thompson.

To give up that type of talent, the Warriors would absolutely need assurances that Paul would sign a long-term extension with them. Paul is a free agent following the upcoming 2011-12 season.

If Paul won’t sign a contract extension with the Warriors, the team should end the conversation and walk away from the table. They can’t afford to give up two cornerstone players for a one-year rental.

But regardless of Paul, the Warriors need to continue to pursue Tyson Chandler, the defensive big man they’ve been looking for all these years. Chandler gives the Warriors instant credibility in the West.

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