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Mythbusters cannonball crashes through neighborhood

The Mythbusters have blown up plenty of stuff during their nine-season run on the Discovery Channel.

Fans of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman know the pair hail from the Bay Area and often film scenes for their popular show in The City, Alameda, and occasionally — like on Tuesday — a firing range in Dublin.

This time, something went wrong. A 5 1/2-inch cannonball misfired and traveled more than a quarter of a mile before blasting through a house and ending up in a van parked in a driveway. The projectile somehow managed to avoid hitting anyone or causing any injuries, despite bouncing out of control for a few blocks and across busy Tassajara Road at 4:15 on a weekday afternoon.

The Mythbusters’ production company, Beyond Productions, issued a statement acknowledging that a cannonball “took an unforeseen bounce from a safety berm,” adding that they are “working with” (read: paying) those whose property was “affected” (read: destroyed).

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