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Steve Jobs’ life now an online museum exhibit

Looking to start your own multi-billion-dollar tech giant?

If so, check out Steve Jobs’ original business plan for the Macintosh, now available online. Worked out pretty well for him.

The vintage document, along with many other artifacts are featured at the Computer History Museum’s new virtual exhibit highlighting the iconic Apple founder’s life.

Steve Jobs: From Garage to World’s Most Valuable Company, traces Jobs’ technology-driven path through life. From humble beginnings in his parents’ Los Altos garage, where he and Steve Wozniak funded the first Apple computer funded by Jobs selling his Volkswagen van, to the invention of the famous iPod, iPhone, and iPad, the exhibit chronicles the successes and failures of Jobs’ career with photos and descriptions of objects from the museum’s permanent collection, as well as old documents and video footage.

One don’t-miss piece in the exhibit is a 22-minute 1980 video of Jobs talking about the early days of Apple. Jobs confesses he and Wozniak:

“had absolutely no idea what people were going to do with these things when we started out. As a matter of fact, the two people it was designed for was Woz and myself because we couldn’t afford to buy a computer kit on the market.”

Other artifacts include a 1976 Apple-1 operation manual and newsletters from Jobs and Wozniak’s famed Homebrew Computer Club.

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