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“Golden Girls” Christmas with a twist

Christmas show. Drag queens. Golden Girls. All in one.

Get. Out.

I like me a well-made-up drag queen, but I love me some Golden Girls. And the two will be melded together when “Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes” struts its fabulous self onto the stage of the Mission’s Victoria Theater, starting this Thursday.

It’s the type of affair that show star Heklina—excuse me, Dorothy—says makes you “wish you were there in the kitchen having cheesecake with the girls.”

Amen to that!

Although this is the girls’ first showing at the Victoria, Dorothy, Blanche, Sofia and Rose have been performing their “Golden Girls” treat for several years now. They’ve even given the repertoire a holiday twist: The two-skit show will be given the holiday treatment to mirror the two Christmas episodes from the original TV show. With, of course, a pinch and dash of drag.

And not only does the show boast a family-friendly atmosphere, but it will also be giving $5 of every ticket to Project Open Hand—an SF-based foundation that delivers meals and nutritional guidance to those living with HIV/AIDS.

Holy. Shoulderpads.

“Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes” will be showing at the Victoria Theater on 16th St. Dec. 1st – Dec. 23rd. Tickets will be on sale for $25 to $30.

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