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Get ready for $2.50 Muni

As your Muni train creeps along underground this morning on the way to work, close your eyes and dream of a ride that was 25 percent faster. Or 25 percent cleaner. Then open them, and face reality: Muni’s not getting faster or cleaner, just more expensive.

The chronically-broke MTA is dreaming up ways to fill about $100 million in current and future deficits. In addition to the prospect of a $2.50 cash Muni fare with transfer, San Franciscans might be feeding meters at nights and on Sundays, and forking over $68 for a downtown parking meter ticket.

Much of the $100 million in deficits would vanish if Muni could speed up the average speed of their service by just 1 mph. It’s now a pretty miserable 8 mph.

So, if your train hasn’t moved yet, close your eyes again, and keep them closed this time. You’re going to be here a while.

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