Life is sweet for Lee right now


What do Bruce Lee, Tommy Lee, Sara Lee and Mötley Crüe have in common? Ask Giants pitcher Brian Wilson and he’ll say, tongue-in-cheek, “To be honest, folks, if your last name’s Lee … you’re kind of sweet.”

If you’re interim mayor Ed Lee, life’s pretty sweet right now.

Not only did he garner 31 percent of yesterday’s mayoral votes in The City, there’s a huge margin between him and contenders John Avalos (18 percent) and Dennis Herrera (11 percent). We’re still waiting on the final result from The City’s ranked-choice voting system, but it’s looking like Lee’s campaign efforts will pay off. Feel free to come back here next week to correct my early prediction.

Speaking about getting paid … Life’s even more sweeter when you’re SF’s first Asian-American interim mayor and you have Silicon Valley bigwigs from  Google, Spotify, Twitter, WIREDoo, YouTube, and Votizen endorsing your campaign with a quirky MC Hammer YouTube video. Unsurprising, really. The tech industry seems to love Ed Lee. He incentivized Twitter and Zynga to stay in The City by creating mid-Market payroll tax breaks.

All the flashy dancing in orange shirts and black parachute pants almost distracted me from the controversies surrounding Lee’s run, starting with his promise that he wouldn’t run for mayor. Welcome to the 2011 SF mayoral race: It’s lark. It’s snark. It’s the wonderful world of Internet campaigning.

Kresta Rae Kaulupali
Survived typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, and sandstorms. Pretty sure I'll survive this phase of my life too.

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