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No luck getting McFadden back for Chargers

Man, you’ve got to hand it to those Raider fans: they certainly stand by their team, no matter what shenanigans come along.

Not only did the Raiders stomach a loss to too-annoying-to-tolerate Tim Tebow, they had to play without the help of star running back Darren McFadden.

But fans looking for redemption aren’t going to get their sigh of relief quite yet: McFadden will most likely not play Thursday night against the rival San Diego Chargers.

This will be McFadden’s third week off the field due to a foot sprain he endured losing to the Chiefs in Week 7. And although Oakland head coach Hugh Jackson has announced “no definitive status” on McFadden’s condition, it doesn’t appear that the star rusher will be returning terribly soon.

McFadden has 113 carries for 614 yards for this season, and was leading the league in rushing yards pre-injury.

Not a healthy look for the Raiders, especially since the team already has a handful of bench-bound players.

Oakland was short 11 players at Tuesday’s practice, though a handful of injured Raiders — including defensive tackle Richard Seymour (ankle) — are expected to travel and play against Philip Rivers and the hungry Chargers Thursday night. Players likely out for the season include QB Jason Campbell (collarbone) and CB Chris Johnson (groin).


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