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Cocks seized in drug raid

An early-morning raid in secluded Morgan Hill yielded something other than the pot garden cops suspected.

No luck getting McFadden back for Chargers

Man, you’ve got to hand it to those Raider fans: they certainly stand by their team, no matter what...

Kung Fu Panda back on the pre-season grind

Ain’t no rest for the Panda Man! Just days after returning from a five-game exhibition in Taiwan, the ever-loveable...

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  1. JoPa should have been fired the moment the grand jury report came out. Penn States hesitation gives the impression that a coverup may be involved. You got a DA who, now declared dead (his body never found), decided not to press charges. His car found along with his laptop minus a hard drive. This thing is going to continue to get more and more horrific. In the end, nobody at Penn State spoke for the kids. Why?