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LivingSocial targets big-spending foodies

Food lovers rejoice! LivingSocial, the daily coupon site that offers everything from half-off surfing lessons to 2-for-1 sandwiches, is gearing up to launch a service aimed specifically towards those with discerning palettes. The invitation-only site, known as LivingSocial Gourmet, will pair up with high-end restaurants and other food-related businesses to offer discounts that are…kinda-sorta a steal. Each deal will cost between $100 to $200 per person, which means most of us will only have to sacrifice a couple fingers rather than an arm and a leg to dine at places like Danko or Fleur de Lys.

The site gets its trial run in Washington D.C., but hopes to launch in the Bay Area by the end of the year. There’s no doubt this will be a hit among food-savvy San Franciscans; however, how does one discreetly slip a coupon to the waiter at a five-star restaurant without feeling like a cheese ball? It’s a good thing those places are usually dark.

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