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Hells Angels ‘enforcer’ gunned down at biker funeral

Gunfire erupted at the funeral for Hells Angels San Jose president Jethro Pettigrew Saturday afternoon, killing Steve Tausan, a Hells Angels sergeant-at-arms known as “Mr. 187.”

In what the Merc describes as an “inter-club squabble,” several sources told them Tausan, a notorious enforcer, was killed after he punched a fellow biker, who retaliated by shooting Tausan. The shooting occurred despite heavy police presence at the funeral at Oak Hill in San Jose, which had attracted hundreds of bikers from around the state.

Last month, Pettigrew was killed in a gunfight with a rival gang in a Sparks, Nev. casino. Police and sheriff are reportedly guarding the Hells Angels headquarters in San Jose, as well as other known biker hangouts.

This Urban Moto Magazine post from last August has a picture it says is of Tausan from an open house in Hollister.

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