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Harbaugh-Schwartz: What’s your deal II

[youtube]o9OQOPIXLas[/youtube] Jim Harbaugh is no stranger to mid-field confrontation. Two seasons ago, the then-Stanford head coach clashed with USC boss Pete Carroll after torching the Trojans 55-21 and going for two late in the game. Sunday, Harbaugh gave Lions head coach Jim Schwartz what he called a “little too hard” of  a handshake, nearly goading Schwartz into a full-blown tête-à-tête during the jog-off after Sunday’s 25-19 49ers win.

After coming from behind in the fourth quarter, Harbaugh gave Schwartz a hearty handshake with his right hand, and then a pat-push-shove in the left shoulder with the other hand. A little too “bro” for Schwartz, a guy who just got his first loss handed to him at home. Schwartz took a second to recollect himself, then pursued Harbaugh, who by that time had upped his pace into the locker room.

The 49ers — 5-1 to start a season for the first time since 1998 — have a bye next week, then take on Cleveland at home in week 8.




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