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Charity grants East Bay SPCA $20,000 to help pet owners weather emergencies

The East Bay SPCA received a $20,000 grant from PetSmart Charities to help keep more pets in loving homes and out of shelters.

The grant is intended to help pet owners facing emergencies that may have led them to surrender their animals.

The grant will help the SPCA’s Hold for Home program provide free, temporary pet boarding and care, including medical assistance if needed.

PetSmart Charities President Aimee Gilbreath:

“Countless families are facing a financial crisis due to the pandemic, and this work ensures pet parents can provide basic care for pets without having to choose between feeding themselves or paying a bill, and a beloved pet.” 

Since 1994, through its partnership with nearly 4,000 humane societies, SPCAs and pet rescues across North America, PetSmart Charities has helped more than 9.3 million pets to find loving homes via its in-store adoption program in more than 1,600 PetSmart(r) stores.

For more information about the East Bay SPCA, visit

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