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Cal Fire lifts burn restrictions in four Northern California counties

As colder, rainy weather conditions continue to diminish the threat of wildfires, residents in Sonoma, Lake, Napa and Solano counties are now allowed to conduct controlled vegetation burns, CAL FIRE announced on Tuesday.

Those with burn permits can resume burning dry brush and other wildfire fuels on permissible burn days. Burn piles cannot be larger than four feet by four feet until the end of fire season, unless inspected by CAL FIRE officials.

Residents with approved permits should still be cautious when pile burning, as they can still face criminal or legal charges for any accidental damage, CAL FIRE said. Residents are encouraged to contact their local fire department before initiating a burn.

Residents also need to ensure that they burn on a permissible burn day by contacting their local air quality agency one day prior.

More information on fire prevention methods can be found at

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