The annual closure of some trails to dogs in the Presidio will begin Monday in order to create a safe space for coyote mothers and their pups.

Dogs will be prohibited from large sections of the Park Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail until the fall when pupping season ends, according to a press release from Presidio Trust. The effort is to reduce potential conflicts between coyotes and dogs.

All trails will remain open to people.

Presidio Trust Trail map of the Presidio in San Francisco, Calif. outlining where dogs are prohibited during coyote pupping season.

Officials advise people — with or without dogs — that if they encounter a coyote anywhere in the park, the best course of action is to quickly leave the area without running. If the coyote follows, be assertive and aggressive (e.g. forcefully throw objects to scare, not harm) while continuing to walk quickly away.

A more detailed list of instructions is available at https://www.presidio.gov/presidio-trust/planning/Coyotes-in-the-Presidio.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-4148 or coyote@presidiotrust.gov.

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