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More than 20,000 North Bay PG&E customers remain without power

Nearly 23,000 customers remain without power in Napa and Sonoma counties Tuesday after PG&E shut it off due to safety concerns.

High winds of up to 50 mph and hot, dry conditions prompted the utility to implement what it calls a Public Safety Power Shutoff starting around 9 p.m. Monday. PG&E spokeswoman Tamar Sarkissian said some customers may be without power until 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Sarkissian said:

“This is all based on the severe weather event and once the severe weather passes, we are able to go out and inspect our lines. Once we know it’s safe to turn the power back on, we’ll be turning our customers back on as safely and as quickly as possible.”

About 15,000 customers in Santa Rosa and about 2,600 in unincorporated parts of Sonoma County were without power Tuesday. In Napa County, 5,028 customers were without power in Deer Park, Angwin, Calistoga, Aetna Springs, Berryessa Estates, the eastern slopes above St. Helena, and parts of Pope Valley, county officials said.

PG&E will use extra crews, helicopters and airplanes armed with infrared cameras to perform inspections along about 10,625 miles of transmission and distribution lines. The restoration can only take place during daylight hours for safety reasons, Sarkissian said.

All told, PG&E turned off power to about 172,000 customers across 22 counties.

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