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Ferries resume, add service after suspension during shelter orders

Ferry service will resume from Richmond next week after being suspended in March due to shelter orders amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority announced Monday.

The service resumption will begin June 15, along with the doubling of service on the San Francisco Bay Ferry’s Vallejo route, according to WETA, the agency that operates the ferries between several Bay Area cities.

The agency had suspended ferry service to Richmond, Harbor Bay and South San Francisco and reduced service on the Vallejo and Alameda/Oakland routes on March 17. The increasing of service on the Vallejo route is in response to ridership increases, according to WETA.

Tiburon Blue and Gold Ferry
<a href="">Jack Snell</a>/Flickr Ferry service Richmond will resume and service from Vallejo will be doubled June 15, 2020.

Decisions on other service changes or resumptions will be made in the coming months as restrictions related to the pandemic ease and more people start going to work.

WETA has adopted extra safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19, including enhanced cleaning, passenger capacity restrictions on ferries, and a face covering requirement for all crew members and passengers.

More information about the safety plan can be found at

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