Salinas resident Christen Jermaine Alfaro, 33, was convicted of assault on his spouse at the conclusion of a four-day trial before Judge Thomas Wills, it was announced Friday.

The case stemmed from the Salinas Police Department in a domestic violence incident reported on April 6.

The victim told an officer that Alfaro accused her of being unfaithful and slapped her across the face.

Investigating Officer Francisco Deleon documented her facial injury with photographs, and used his body worn camera during the interview.

The victim recanted during the trial, telling jurors she lied about the cause of the injury to her face.

Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine Pacioni said in a news release:

“After Jane Doe recanted, the jurors were able to view Officer Deleon’s body worn camera and see the actual interview Jane Doe gave on the day of the assault.”

“Domestic violence expert Alexandra McCabe testified as to why a victim would recant at trial to protector her abuser.”

Alfaro was given a 60-day term and three years of probation, a community service requirement upon his release and a year of domestic violence intervention classes. He is also prohibited from owning any firearms for 10 years.

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