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Looney tweaks hamstring as Warriors feel out new roster

Two days into training camp, the Warriors are still getting used to a roster with only five guys from...

A’s go out with a whimper as Rays snatch Wild Card

Yellow towels filled the Coliseum Wednesday night, as 54,005 fans turned out only to watch the Oakland A’s end...

Four die in Hwy 101 wrong-way collision

A wrong-way collision killed four people early Thursday morning, prompting closure of all lanes of northbound U.S. Highway 101...

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  1. With the construction winding down, it would’ve been nice to have a bike lane going down 4th from the Stockton tunnel to Caltrain given that we showed that traffic has already adjusted to reduced number of lanes down this corridor.

    • In my opinion the priority should be wider sidewalks in the area, as currently there are a really large number of pedestrians at times with a quite narrow sidewalk. And with protected bike lanes on 2nd and soon to be under construction 5th st, plus the bike infrastructure on Townsend, there are some alternatives for bikes. I do think we should make sure that bike lanes on 2nd through 4th on Townsend get more attention though.

      • One problem is lack of a pedestrian crossing on west side of 4th forcing everyone on the east side.

        Not sure if you noticed, but both sides of sidewalk have been widened between Townsend and Bryant.

        • I am not sure to where you are referring, but at least the north side of 4th st has not been widened. They repaved in front of the palms since they did some utility relocation there for the central subway, and they cut down a bunch of street trees along the public right of way in front of 601 4th st to make room for electrical poles for the central subway. They also redid the curb cuts which is nice. But as far as I can tell the sidewalk is still the same width from building to curb (although if/when construction begins at the creamery and at the Wells Fargo/Starbucks locations, the developments will widen the sidewalks in that area with private money).

        • If you were to walk along the left side of 4th from Caltrain to Market, you’d soon see that there’s pedestrian crossing across all the streets.

        • I thought we were talking about sidewalk widening. But as far as crossings are concerned there is a missing pedestrian crossing if you want to cross fourth street at harrison, i.e. you want to go to kl wines. Not that crossing the highway on ramp there is particularly safe due to the way the intersection is set up.

        • Yes, I should’ve been clearer. Few walk along that side of the street due to the blockage, plus people feel safer in groups, further reducing the sidewalk usage.