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Protesters demand Financial District businesses ditch fossil fuels

Dozens of protesters blocked Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s Financial District Wednesday morning as part of ongoing actions following Friday’s worldwide youth-led climate strike.

The protesters, which include members from Rainforest Action Now, Idle No More SFBay, Rising Tide North America and other organizations, are demanding that “Wall Street West” businesses in San Francisco immediately divest from fossil fuels and other climate-damaging activities. In addition to blocking intersections along Montgomery Street, the protesters are drawing murals on the street. Protesters have said they’re willing to face arrest.

The group Rising Tide North America said in a statement:

“Extraction of fossil fuels is leading to extinction. The urgency cannot be denied.”

The protest is expected to last through 5 p.m.

On Friday, tens of thousands of youth skipped school to march through downtown San Francisco to demand that federal leaders take action on the issue of climate change.

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