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Compromised pier prompts pedestrian, bike bridge closure

A pedestrian/bicycle bridge that connects Bayfront Park and Hauke Park in Mill Valley has been closed until further notice because one of 12 piers supporting the structure has been compromised, the Mill Valley Police Department said in an advisory.

Structural engineers will inspect the bridge and make recommendations about what should be done.

Mill Valley Police Department A pedestrian and bike bridge connecting Bayfront Park and Hauke Park in Mill Valley, Calif. was closed after one of 12 supporting piers was found to be structurally compromised.

Police said:

“At this time, it is not known if temporary bracing or repairs may be necessary or feasible or how long the bridge will be closed.” 

Walkers and cyclists will need to find alternative routes during the closure and parks and school users should access facilities from Hamilton Drive and Sycamore Avenue.

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