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Richmond conducts rent program, eviction regulation survey

The board that oversees the city of Richmond’s rent program is asking for public participation in a 10-question survey it is conducting to gauge public opinion on owner move-in evictions.

Respondents should be prepared to answer questions about whether they live, work or own property in Richmond, as well as what sort of regulations they think should be imposed on property owners looking to displace tenants from units they own and intend to live in.

In the wake of such an eviction, the survey also asks what restrictions should be placed on landlords attempting to put those units back on the market.

Some of the questions deal with whether displaced tenants should get the first chance when their old residence goes back on the market, and whether they should have to pay increased rent under those circumstances. The survey can be found online at

Anyone with questions about Richmond’s owner move-in eviction regulations can contact the city at or (510) 234-7368. Information about the rent board is available on the city’s website at

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